Practitioner Locator Agreement

  • Ortho Organizers, Inc. (“HSO”), provides an online directory (the “HSO Directory”) of dental and orthodontic professionals to inform patients of locations where they may consult with a professional to learn more information about or be fitted for HSO brand clear aligners (“Reveal”), The HSO Directory is located at By signing and dating your agreement with the terms and conditions set forth below, you agree to have your name and practice information listed in the HSO Directory and that you meet the Terms of Participation to do so.
  • Terms of Participation

    • 1. Inclusion in the HSO Directory is voluntary and available to all qualified practitioners that meet four basic criteria: (a) offer Reveal patients flexible financing options for their aligner (b) accept periodic corporate discounts or coupons offered to patients by HSO which will be up to a maximum of 20% off practice set prices (seasonal promotional campaigns, etc.); (c) comply with all terms and conditions in this Agreement; and (d) return an executed copy of this Agreement to HSO.

    • 2. While included on the HSO Directory, you agree to maintain all required professional certifications and licenses required to prescribe HSO clear aligner products, including Reveal. You agree to maintain your awareness of the current standard of care for Reveal and to offer Reveal, if appropriate in your sole judgement, as a treatment option to patients who would benefit from using the product.

    • 3. You agree that HSO may use your personal and practice information in the HSO Directory in a form and format of HSO’s choosing. You also acknowledge that HSO is not responsible for verifying the accuracy of the information you submit, or for ensuring that the information is updated and current. You are solely responsible for notifying HSO should any changes be made to your information included on the HSO Directory.

    • 4. Your inclusion in the HSO Directory does not constitute an endorsement by HSO, nor does it promise or guarantee any business, including any referrals, to listed practitioners. Inclusion in the HSO Directory is intended solely as an informational tool for patients and has no market value.

    • 5. You are solely responsible for your practice and all patient care. HSO expressly disclaims any and all liability for the care and services provided to patients by you and your practice. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless HSO from any claims or liability which arise as a result of being included in the HSO directory and from any care or services I provide to my patients.

    • 6. HSO reserves the right to remove a practitioner from the HSO Directory database for any reason at any time.

    I have read terms and conditions for inclusion in the HSO Directory outlined above. I agree that I meet these terms and conditions and understand that my failure to abide by them may result in HSO removing me from the HSO Directory.

    My agreement is provided for the shorter of the continued active publication of the HSO Directory or thirty (30) days after I provide written notice to HSO revoking my agreement.
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